Zoo Mom Science, LLC   Event Contract

Contact Name: _____________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________

_____________ __________________________________________

Phone: ____________________ Fax (or alt phone):_________________

Event Date: ________________ Start Time:________  End Time: _______

Please read and sign below:

Please provide adequate hand washing facilities that include soap and running water to be available before and after the event.

No food is to be served to the participants during the event or before proper hand cleaning techniques have been observed.

Please keep any other pets away from the workshop/event area.

We reserve the right to substitute, change or not include animals for any reason. Our main concern is always the health, comfort and safety of our animals, staff, and guests.
_ __________________agrees to pay the sum of $________for the proposed services. Final payment is DUE UPON OUR ARRIVAL the day of the event or any time beforehand. If event is cancelled during event for any reason, full payment will have been made and is non refundable.

50% Deposit required:__________  Balance due:__________

The undersigned assumes full risk and responsibility and releases “Zoo Mom Science, LLC”, Laura Roberts, her contractors, or helpers from liability for any cause whatsoever, for any damages incurred before, during or after this event, or arising from any cause.


Thank you very much.

We look forward to working with you to create a successful event for all involved!

 Please mail the deposit and a completed copy to PO Box 520833, Longwood, FL, 32752